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French Foreign Legion

Almost every military unit in the world has one thing in common: a motto that encapsulates its spirit, values and objectives. These powerful phrases are designed to boost soldiers’ morale and remind them of the importance of their service. Some slogans have become iconic and have transcended borders, capturing the attention and admiration of people around the world. In this article, we will explore five emblematic mottos of military units that have left a lasting mark on military history. Get ready to be inspired by these powerful phrases that have guided military units throughout time.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum” – If you want peace, prepare for war.

This motto, attributed to the Roman philosopher Flavius Vegetius Renatushas been adopted by various military units throughout history. Its profound significance lies in the importance of preparedness and deterrence in maintaining peace. By being prepared for war, it is hoped to deter potential adversaries and preserve the peace through strength and defensive capability.

“Semper Fidelis” – Always Faithful

This motto is widely known for being the motto of the United States Marine Corps . It reflects unwavering commitment and loyalty to the nation and fellow soldiers. “Semper Fidelis” represents the solidarity and duty of Marines to protect and serve their country at all times, no matter the circumstances.

“Audentes Fortuna Iuvat” – Fortune favors the brave.

This Latin motto has been used by various military units throughout history. Emphasizes courage and determination as key elements to achieve victory. It emphasizes that those willing to face challenges with courage and determination are the most likely to succeed.

“De oppresso liber” – Freeing the oppressed

This motto is recognized as the motto of the U.S. Army’s U.S. Army Special Forces the famous “ Green Berets “. It reflects his mission to liberate the oppressed and defend freedom around the world. This motto embodies the spirit of protection and support for those who suffer injustice and oppression.

Per mare, per terram” – By sea, by land:

This motto is the badge of the British Royal Marine Corps and highlights its ability to operate in any environment, whether on land or at sea. It reflects the versatility and adaptability of British Marines, who are prepared to face challenges in any terrain.


The emblematic slogans of military units have a powerful impact on soldiers and civilians, transcending cultural and temporal barriers. These inspirational phrases reflect values such as courage, loyalty, bravery and the pursuit of peace, encapsulating the ideals of the armed forces. They are a constant source of motivation and reminder of purpose for those who wear them.

Each motto emphasizes the importance of preparation, loyalty, courage and determination. As it resonates in the hearts of soldiers, it constantly reminds them of their commitment and purpose in service. Whether in defense of peace, liberation of the oppressed, or adaptability in diverse environments, these phrases capture the very essence of the military and the sacrifice it entails.

Let these powerful words inspire you and lead you to reflect on their profound meaning for those who serve their nation. Pay tribute to those brave soldiers who carry these mottos with them on their path of service and valor. His legacy lives on through these phrases, keeping the flame of military dedication and honor alive.

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