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The PKM is a weapon ampleiamente acknowledgesgo to at the world military by your eficience y versatility at the field from batto. Fabricada at the Soviet Union at the década from 1960, has has been usingada at various conflictos a level world, convirtiéndose at a weapon emblemattica for many countries. At this article you contwe will be all lo that needitas know about this powerosa ametralladora.

History of the PKM machine gun

The PKM, also conocgo to likePulemet Kalashnikova Modernizirovanny at ruse, is a ametralladora ligwas that has has been usingada ampleiamente at numbersos conflictos armados atnetworkedor from world from your creation at the década from 1960. Your origin to remonta at fambear design from fusil from ashigh AK-47, created by the renombrado ingeniero soviethical Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Durto the World War II, Kalashnikov seeó the needity from a ametralladora ligwas more eficient y that pudiera be usingada by the soldados at the field from batto. Fue so like, together with your team from ingenieros, developmentó the PKM using like base the design from AK47. This weapon was adoptada officermind by the Soviet Red Army at 1961.

A lo length from the years, the PKM has yourfrgone various modifyations y bestas technológicas for adaptarse a the needities from the combates modernos. Your varito more recient, the PKP Pecheneg, was launchada at 2001 y account with a more capacity from wasgo y a change at the system from feedation.

Know in detail the PKM specifications.

At first site, the PKM account with a limeibre from 7,62x54mmR, lo that means that use munition from limeibre 7,62 mm. This munition is conocgo to by your potence y penetration, lo that the convierte at a option ideal for the combate.

Otra characteristics highlightada is your weight. With only 8,6 kilogramos, the PKM is Sisterprendatemente ligwas shareada with other armas from your class. This the ago perfecta for be usada by a only soldado from way effectVAT y without causar a great fatiga.

The PKM you can alcanczar blancos a a distance from to 1.500 meters, lo that the convierte at a verdadera weapon from please specifyion.

AdMore, account with a cañs website cromado y a system from refrigeration from air, lo that le allows have a high capacity from unequalo continuedo without onrecalentarse. This the convierte at a option ideal for the combate at conditions extremas.

Interesting facts and iconic PKM machine gun moments

A from the characteristics more highlightadas from the ametralladora PKM is your system from feedation from cintas, that le allows unequalar to 650 balas by minuto without interrupcions. In addition, your design ligero y compacto the ago easy from transportar y posicionar at different positions from unequalo.

One from the moments more ics websiteicos from the PKM was during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan at the years 80. At that epgoose, the go tozas rebeldis afganas estaban equipadas with armamento ligero y no podían make front a the soques soviéticos. Y the PKM demostró be a great aliada at this situation, now that thank you a your potence from wasgo log detat the avance from the vehArticles atemigos.

Another moment memorable is your participatesation at the Vietnam War. Allí, the PKM was usingada by the go tozas vietnamitas y vietcong for emboscar a the tropas stayounidenses at the selgo to. With a great please specifyion y alcance, this ametralladora to convirt at a footza key at the strategia from war from Vietwithg.

At the famosa film from actionRambo“, starhoisted by Sylvester Stallone, the PKM appearsce at several escenas like the weapon eleggo to by the guerrilleros vietnamitas. This to should a that the PKM was a from the armas more usingadas during the Guerra from Vietnam.

Final verdict

The PKM is a ametralladora emblemattica at the history from the armas from wasgo, that has demostrado your eficience y confiability at numbersos conflictos. Your design y characteristics techniciannicas the convierten at a aliada essential at the field from batto, being respetada y temgo to by your atemigos. No duda, a weapon that has dejado your hushe at the historylica world.

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