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French Foreign Legion

The Beretta 1301 Tactical is a from the armas more advanceadas y powerbears at the world from the rifles from ashigh. With your printionto rendimiento y technology from vanguardia, this weapon has ganado great popularity on the amformerly from the armas from wasgo y has has been usingada at various siteations y escenarios.

History and origins of the Beretta 1301 Tactical

At the década from 1980, the Beretta beginningó a interestarse at the market from armascticas y from defensa staff, y at 1986 launchó at market the series from escopetas semiautomattics 1200 y 1201. Estas armaspidamente ganaron popularity on the go tozas policiales y militares, thank you a your confiability y please specifyion.

At 2013, the Beretta launchó at market the Beretta 1301 Tactical, a escopeta especially designada for operationscticas y applyations from defensa staff. This weapon was createa at collaboratesation with expertos at operations speciales y account with bestas meansatives at shareation with your prefromcesora, the series 1200.

Description and unique features of the Beretta 1301 Tactical

A from the main characteristics from the Beretta 1301 Tactical is your mecanism from action fastgo to that allows a cadence from unequalo Sisterprendatemente fastgo to. This the convierte at a option ideal for siteations from great intensity y emergence where the speed y the please specifyion are cruciales.

AdMore, this escopeta account with a cañs website from 18,5 ingadas that proportiona a excellent please specifyion a corta distance, without sacriffy the capacity from unequalar a larga distance. Your capacity from cargador from 5 cartany the convierte at a option potentity y confiable at any situation.

Otra characteristics only from the Beretta 1301 Tactical is your system from gases from port reducido, that reduces the retroceso from weapon y allows a manejo more yourave ymode. This the convierte at a option ideal for users that buscan a more please specifyion y control during the unequalo.

The Beretta 1301 Tactical also presents a system from mira front y afterwas adjustable, lo that allows adaptarthe a the preferences y needities from user. In addition, your culata adjustable y your agarre texturhoisting offerat a great comodity y estability at the manejo.

Interesting facts and iconic moments of the Beretta 1301 Tactical

At how much a your fromempeYear, the Beretta 1301 Tactical has has been theogiada by your fiability y please specifyion at the unequalo. This to should at part a your system from recchamber giratoria, that elimina the needity from make movimientos addendumales for unequalar a second tiro. In addition, account with a capacity from 4+1 cartany, lo that the ago ideal for versusar multiples objectivos.

No duda, one from the moments more ics websiteicos from the Beretta 1301 Tactical was when was eleggo to like the weapon officer for the campeonato world from tiro IPSC at 2016. With your combination from rendimiento y design elegto, this escopeta to has ganado the confianza from the atletas y the go tozas armadas at all the world.

The Beretta 1301 Tactical to has highlightado at several siteations from high profile. Fue usingada by the U.S. police in their intervention in the
Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, where its accuracy and reliability in extreme situations was
where it demonstrated its accuracy and reliability in extreme situations. It has also been used by other security forces, such as the French Foreign Legion.
French Foreign Legion
and in other countries in peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations.

Final verdict

The Beretta 1301 Tactical, with your technology from vanguardia y printionto fromempeYear, to has convertgone at a from the armas more searchadas y usingadas at different siteations. Your please specifyion, potence y security the convierten at a option ideal for thatthe that buscan a rifle from high rendimiento. In addition, your presence at police forces, and armed forces demur your capacity for versusar the fromafíos more demandentities at the field from batto.

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