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French Foreign Legion

Since its inception, the Foreign Legion has been a pillar of world military history, representing bravery and professionalism.

Foreign Legion - history

Origins and Values of the Foreign Legion

The Foreign Legion was founded in 1831 by King Louis-Philippe I of France. Originally created to protect and expand the French colonial empire, it quickly earned a reputation for bravery and discipline. Over the years, the Legion has participated in numerous military campaigns, from the conquest of Algeria to the two World Wars, and has faced challenges in diverse climates and terrain.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Legion is its honor code, which emphasizes loyalty, respect and camaraderie. This code has been the basis of their success on the battlefield and has forged a strong sense of brotherhood among its members.

Historical Challenges of the Legion in Mexico

One of the most emblematic episodes of the Foreign Legion is its participation in Mexico during the 19th century. Napoleon III, seeking to expand his influence, invaded Mexico in 1862. April 30 is a date of great significance, as it commemorates the battle of Camerone. This battle is especially significant because, despite being outnumbered, the legionnaires fought valiantly.

The Global Role of the Legion Today

Today, the Foreign Legion remains an elite force, with operations in various parts of the world. Their rigorous training and physical and mental endurance tests ensure that only the fittest and most committed are part of their ranks. Legionnaires are known for their discipline, loyalty and combat skills.

In addition to its military operations, the Legion has also participated in humanitarian missions, helping in natural disasters and providing assistance to communities in need.

Legion Culture and Traditions

The Legion is not only known for its military exploits, but also for its rich culture and traditions. From its famous open hand salute to its songs and marches, the Legion has a unique identity. The “Song of the Legion”, known as “Le Boudin”, is a hymn that all Legionnaires learn and sing with pride.

In addition, the Legion annually celebrates “Legionnaire’s Day,” an event where those who have served and sacrificed for the Legion are honored. During these celebrations, it is common to see Legionnaires marching with pride, remembering their fallen comrades and celebrating their legacy.

The Future of the Legion

Over time, the Foreign Legion continues to adapt to the demands of the modern world. As he faces new challenges, he remains a symbol of courage, resilience and professionalism. Many young people aspire to join its ranks, attracted by the promise of adventure, camaraderie and the opportunity to be part of a tradition that spans nearly two centuries.

Common Legion Concerns

  • What does it take to join the Foreign Legion? To enter, it is necessary to meet certain physical and mental requirements.
  • How much does the legion pay? A legionnaire’s salary varies according to rank and experience.
  • What does the French Legion do? This military unit participates in operations and missions around the world.
  • Who can join the Spanish Legion? The Spanish Legion has its own requirements and selection process.

Join the Foreign Legion and be part of history

If you feel the call to serve with honor, courage and dedication, the Foreign Legion awaits you. At, you will find all the information you need to start your journey as a legionnaire. Do not hesitate, this is the opportunity you were waiting for.

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