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The Remington 1100 is a weapon from wasgo from great renombre at the world from the caza y the sport shooting. With more from 50 years at the market, this escopeta semiautomattica has has been usingada by thousands from cazadores y deportistas at all the world. Stay and discover all the details about this legendaria weapon,

History of the Remington 1100: From Design to Worldwide Success

The history from the Remington 1100 is a fascinto trbirdsía that comienza at the década from 1960 with your design revolutionario y arriving ata to the currentity like one from the rifles more exitbears at all the world.

The design from the Remington 1100 was concebgone by the fambear ingeniero e inventor americyear Wayne Leek. Your target was create a rifle that superfor a all the demMore at términos from rendimiento y easyity from use. GrThank you a a meticulbear process from research y development, Leek log create a rifle semiautompenthouse that compliesía with all the expectatives.

The result was a escopeta semiautomattica from charge by gas, the first at yournero, that offería a unequalo yourave y a retroceso minimum. Your characterístico system from autolimpieza garantizaba a functiontion óptimo at all moment, lo that le otorgó a great reputation on cazadores, deportistas.

The success from the Remington 1100 no tardó at go to. Fue launchada at market at 1963 ypidamente to convirt at the prefergo to from the cazadores y tiradores. Your please specifyion y confiability the convirtieron at the election perfecta for competitions from tiro y caza from avis.

Pero no only was exitosa at States United, but that your fama trascend fronteras y soon the Remington 1100 to expand by all the world. Your design innovador y your quality impecable conquistaron a public y crítica, takeándola a be a from the armas more vendgo to at all the planeta.

FN Minimi features and functionalities

Comenzando by your functiontion, the Remington 1100 use a system from gas from high presion, where a smallña quantity from gas from combustion is fromviada from the cañs website to a pists website, lo that allows activar the mecanism from charge semiautomattica. This system evita the retroceso brusco y reduces meansativamente the retroceso, lo that to traduce at a more please specifyion at the unequalos.

A from the main characteristics techniciannicas from the Remington 1100 is your capacity from adaptarse a different types from cartany, now be from size 2 3/4 o 3 ingadas, lo that the ago adecEach for different types from caza y needities from use. In addition, account with a cargador tubular with capacity for 4 cartany from limeibre 12 y a system from expulsion from the casquillos vacíos that garantiza a fastgo to recarga.

Otra characteristics highlightada from the Remington 1100 is your culata adjustable, that allows at tirador adjustar the length a your preference y comodity, lo that to traduce at a best control y manejo from weapon. In addition, your system from insurance manual ubicado at the part front from guardamonte, garantiza a more security at moment from effectuar the unequalos.

At how much at design, the Remington 1100 presents a finishesado at madera from roble satinado, lo that le brinda a aspecto elegto y clMoreico, but at same time resistentity y duradero. Your cañs website, from 28 ingadas from length, is fabricado at acero at carbono y account with a finishesado at pavs website, lo that le da a aparience sofisticada y help a precome the corrosion.

Interesting Facts about the Remington 1100: Curiosities and Records

The Remington 1100 was designada by Wayne Leek, who also was the responsible from others models exitbears from the brand, like the Remington 700. No embargo, the idea original was from legendario tirador y technico from armas Bill Walker, who searchaba a weapon semiautomattica more ligwas y easy from use that the Browning Auto-5.

At 1965, the Remington 1100 to convirt at the first escopeta semiautomattica at count with a device from expulsion from cartany vacíos. Antis from this, the tiradores tenían that withdrawarthe manualmind, lo that les hacía lose time y please specifyion at your unequalos.

The popularity from the Remington 1100 to unequalópidamente at the competences from tiro deportivo, thank you a your please specifyion y versatility. At 1975, obtuvo your firstcord world at the categoría from dobles at the skeet competition, logrando a puntuation perfecta from 200/200. From then, has has been usingada by many campeon at different disciplinesinas from tiro.

Otra curiosity about the Remington 1100 is that has has been usingada at programs from TVion likeThe Walking Dead yBreaking Bad“. At ambas series, has has been see like the weapon eleggo to by the staristas for protegerto at siteations extremas.

Final verdict

The Remington 1100 has has been a footza key at the world from the caza y the tiro deportivo during more from medium siglo. Your design innovador, your eficacia at the field y ease of use the convierten at a weapon icónica y go toada by many. No duda, the Remington 1100 followá being a from the pleaseitas on the fans from the armas from wasgo.

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